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March 2, 2007

I love going fast. I went for a quick 15-20 min drive in the back roads of Evergreen. I love the scenery; I will have to bring a camera next time so I can update this blog with pictures. The speed might not seem that fast, but apparently California (where I live has the shittiest roads in America). I was going about 55-70 mph for the duration of the trip. There were fun “twisties” and there were some straightaways. There is something about going fast that gets my heart pumping. Another part of the experience is that you are testing yourself and the vehicle. I would like to see how I can do on a real track for shits and giggles.

I sometimes get jealous when I watch Top Gear. The presenters get to test out many new cars and go insanely fast. I would like to get paid to have fun and drive fast =)!

As time goes by I want to learn more about cars, driving fast and of course other vehicles.